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Alessio Gomiero

Forsker II

+47 51 87 55 46
Mekjarvik 12, 4072 Randaberg, Norway

Alessio Gomiero


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A recipe for plastic: Expert insights on plastic additives in the marine environment – Marine Pollution Bulletin 2023
Mikroplast og miljøgifter i vann, jord og insekter på Lisle Lyngøy (delrapport 3) – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2023
Hvordan plast og rydding av plast påvirker økosystemet på Lisle Lyngøy (Hovedrapport) – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2023
The One Ocean Expedition: Science and Sailing for the Ocean We Want – Havforskningsinstituttet 2023
The Norwegian Water Column Monitoring programme 2021: Assessing the impacts of Ekofisk and Eldfisk offshore oil and gas installations on the marine environment – Norsk institutt for vannforskning 2023
System for clearing marine litter from the seabed - pre-analysis and protocol: Analysis of the legacy of particle and chemical pollution from an underwater tire dump at Hjelmås, Alver Kommune (Norway) – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2023
Status and future recommendations for recording and monitoring litter on the Arctic seafloor – Arctic Science 2022
Biological effects monitoring of a thermomechanical cleaned cuttings discharge from the Johan Sverdrup installation – Norsk institutt for vannforskning 2022
An ecosystem-scale litter and microplastics monitoring plan under the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) – Arctic Science 2022
The power of multi-matrix monitoring in the Pan-Arctic region: plastics in water and sediment – Arctic Science 2022
Microplastics in Arctic invertebrates: status on occurrence and recommendations for future monitoring – Arctic Science 2022
Microplastics in the atmosphere and cryosphere in the circumpolar North: a case for multicompartment monitoring – Arctic Science 2022
Kartlegging av mikroplastkilder i urbant miljø fra land til sjø - kilder, mengder og spredning – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
Future monitoring of litter and microplastics in the Arctic—challenges, opportunities, and strategies – Arctic Science 2022
Monitoring of microplastic pollution in the Arctic: recent developments in polymer identification, quality assurance and control, and data reporting – Arctic Science 2022
Current efforts on microplastic monitoring in Arctic fish and how to proceed – Arctic Science 2022
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Effects of chronic exposure to the water-soluble fraction of crude oil and in situ burn residue of oil on egg-bearing Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 2021
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qPCR-based assessment of microfaunal indicators of oil for monitoring benthos around oil and gas platforms – Science of the Total Environment 2020
Quantification of microplastic in fillet and organs of farmed and wild salmonids - a comparison of methods for detection and quantification - SALMODETECT – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2020
Handbook of Microplastics in the Environment – 2020
Drinking plastics? – Quantification and qualification of microplastics in drinking water distribution systems by µFTIR and Py-GCMS – Water Research 2020
Metal-based micro and nanosized pollutant in marine organisms: What can we learn from a combined atomic force microscopy-scanning electron microscopy study – Journal of Molecular Recognition 2020
Plast i dyr langs kysten. Rapport fra forskningsprosjekt – Veterinærinstituttet 2019
First occurrence and composition assessment of microplastics in native mussels collected from coastal and offshore areas of the northern and central Adriatic Sea – Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 2019
Gill damage and delayed mortality of Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) after short time exposure to anti-parasitic veterinary medicine containing hydrogen peroxide – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 2019
First record of characterization, concentration and distribution of microplastics in coastal sediments of an urban fjord in south west Norway using a thermal degradation method – Chemosphere 2019
Characterization of microplastic litter in the gastrointestinal tract of Solea solea from the Adriatic Sea – Environmental Pollution (1987) 2018
Comparative Effects of Ingested PVC Micro Particles With and Without Adsorbed Benzo(a)pyrene vs. Spiked Sediments on the Cellular and Sub Cellular Processes of the Benthic Organism Hediste diversicolor – Frontiers in Marine Science 2018
Biological responses of two marine organisms of ecological relevance to on-going ocean acidification and global warming – Environmental Pollution (1987) 2018
Environmental Impact of Offshore Gas Activities on Benthic Environment: A Case Study – Environmental Management 2017
Distribution and Environmental risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Surface Sediments and red Mullet (Mullus barbatus) from algiers and BouIsmail Bay (Algeria) – Environmental Modelling and Assessment 2017
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