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Øyvind Paasche

Avdelingsleder Klima

+47 56 10 75 44
Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway

Øyvind Paasche is the Head of the Climate Dynamics Department at NORCE. He has a long-term interest in past, present and future climate change and dynamics, especially at high latitudes. During later years, he has developed a keen interest in how scientific data is handled, used and understood by stakeholders and policymakers.

Paasche is also the Head of Innovation at Climate Futures as well as a and Senior Scientist affiliated with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. He has authored and co-authored 40 studies in international peer-reviewed journals; co-edited the book The New Arctic, published in 2015 by Springer; co-authored a book on how the climate system works called What is Climate? (in Norwegian) together with Erik Kolstad; a contributing author to the 4th IPPC report (The Physical Science Basis).

Paasche has led several projects including Ocean Outlook (2016-20), Hordaflom (2017-2021), and Advanced Climate Education and Research (2018-2022) and was a member of Seasonal Forecasting Engine (2018-2021). Ongoing projects include the new research-driven innovation centre, Climate Futures (2020-2028), ArcticPassion (EU, 2021-2026) and Impetus for Change, I4C (EU, 2022-2027). Paasche is part of the team running the well-known summer school Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses (ACDC), and is currently the Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee for the large international initiative Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS).

Utvalgte artikler

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  • Engeland, K., Aano, A., Steffensen, I., Støren, E., and Paasche, Ø. (2020) New flood frequency estimates for the largest river in Norway based on the combination of short and long time series, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 24(11):5595-5619, doi.org/10.5194/hess-24-5595-2020.
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