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Energy efficient operation of hydrogen powered vessels

Energy efficient operation of hydrogen powered vessels

In order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in shipping, new fuels are required. For shorter distances the use of a battery can work, while for longer distances hydrogen is an alternative. The costs of using hydrogen are higher than when using today's fuel, so it is therefore important to make shipping using hydrogen as cheap as possible.

The project wants to contribute to this in several ways. We will further develop a system that provides information on how waves will hit the ship four to eight minutes before they actually reach the ship in order to drive the ship's engines more efficiently. To do this, one must take into account both the immediate fuel costs, but also the wear and tear on the system of batteries and fuel cells that a hydrogen-powered ship will have. If the lifespan of batteries and fuel cells can be increased, this could lead to significant savings over time. As there is limited experience with the use of fuel cells in ships, it will also be important to better understand the mechanisms that wear out the fuel cells. In order to gain more knowledge about this, we want to develop new techniques to measure wear and tear on fuel cells.

The project is a collaborative project between NORCE, Corvus Energy AS, SEAM AS, SinOceanic AS, Topeka AS and the two American universities MIT and the University of California (Berkeley). The four Norwegian industrial players will contribute with maritime expertise. MIT will contribute in wave prediction. The University of California (Berkeley) has special expertise aimed at cars powered by batteries and fuel cells. We now want to utilize results that have been developed for the automotive industry within shipping.

This project will be closely connected to the project "Optimized Hydrogen Powered Maritime Mobility" which is led by Corvus Energy, and also the research center "Norwegian Center for Hydrogen Research (HyValue)" led by NORCE.


Geir Nævdal

Research Professor - Bergen

+47 51 87 56 30

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Energy efficient operation of hydrogen powered vessels




15.09.22 - 30.06.25



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12.666.000 NOK

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Research Council of Norway (RCN)



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NORCE, Corvus Energy AS, SEAM AS, SinOceanic AS, Topeka AS, MIT, University of California (Berkeley).
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