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27. Mar 2020

Aims to reach up to 365 million people in East Africa with better climate prediction

More accurate seasonal forecasts can help save crops, enhance food security and reduce flood risk. NORCE leads a new EU project to improve climate prediction in 11 countries in East Africa.

IMG 5016 Crop
23. Mar 2020

Drilling tool contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions

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13. Mar 2020

The corona virus - measures taken by NORCE

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10. Feb 2020

Will the ice on Antarctica melt?

IMG 5346
07. Feb 2020

Methods for enhanced reservoir understanding have triggered large volumes of oil resources

Rikardsen Arctic Frontiers skiing 1280x700
23. Jan 2020

NORCE at Arctic Frontiers

EPOS some front
10. Jan 2020

Unique web-based portal strengthens knowledge of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and geology

Stillfoto climate risk2
04. Dec 2019

Society is increasingly vulnerable to high-impact weather and climate extremes

Snoskred Tromso Lyngen 1419 web
03. Dec 2019

Satellites improve avalanche forecasting

IMG 5476
02. Oct 2019

How rapidly is the Antarctic ice melting?