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Vigdis Sveinsdottir NORCE foto rune rolvsjord IMG 5788
27. Jun 2019

This initiative can help young people who are on the brink of having to claim disability benefits

Half of the young people who were at risk of having to claim disability benefits received regular work during the one year follow-up period.

26. Apr 2019

One step ahead - to predict fish growth and fitness

10. Apr 2019

Road tunnel fire evacuation will be safer with smart sensor technology

Margit Simon
25. Mar 2019

Changing ocean currents and major climate shifts in the North Atlantic

Drone Olje Overvaking
07. Mar 2019

Norwegian drone technology to monitor the coasts of Europe

Stephanie Mayer Front
04. Feb 2019

Urgent need to plan for future climate changes at Svalbard

Seaice Icelandsea
31. Jan 2019

Sea ice can occur under warm conditions

Plast Jord Still
25. Jan 2019

Ocean plastic is changing island landscapes along the coast

Stijn Foto Graven Fb1200
29. Nov 2018

Ancient DNA as a new tool for past climate change

20. Nov 2018

Smart sensors become even smarter - with machine learning and creative technology development