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21. Sep 2020

A collaborative ecosystem for Atlantic aquaculture

New sustainable and profitable value chain systems for aquaculture production in the Atlantic regions will be developed in ASTRAL.

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19. Aug 2020

Artificial Vision at NORCE with lifelong visual computing and self-learning capabilities

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13. Aug 2020

Gravide fikk mer jod av torsk til middag

Sjøis Foto Algot Kristoffer Peterson redusert
29. Jul 2020

Arctic warming satisfies criteria for abrupt climate change

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04. Jun 2020

Release of microplastics from the aquaculture industry, new report

Skip jerry
25. May 2020

How big data can improve climate modelling and forecasting, the EMB science brief

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23. May 2020

NORCE establishes an international research centre on microplastics

20. May 2020

Simulating secular societies

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08. May 2020

NORCE-researchers contribute to the mapping of Covid-19 prevalence and changes in Norway

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07. May 2020

Artificial vision for automated monitoring of coronavirus development in high risk environments