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26. Apr 2019

One step ahead - to predict fish growth and fitness

Scientists develop a web-based solution that enables fish farmers to be one step ahead – to predict biomass, fish growth, and health status in farmed salmon.

Margit Simon
25. Mar 2019

Changing ocean currents and major climate shifts in the North Atlantic

Stephanie Mayer Front
04. Feb 2019

Urgent need to plan for future climate changes at Svalbard

Seaice Icelandsea
31. Jan 2019

Sea ice can occur under warm conditions

Plast Jord Still
25. Jan 2019

Plastsøppel fra havet endrer landskap på øyer langs kysten

Stijn Foto Graven Fb1200
29. Nov 2018

Ancient DNA as a new tool for past climate change

Marit Larsen Foto Andreas  Graven
04. Oct 2018

Youths in foster care with mental health needs may not get the specialized services they need

Nippon Signering
31. Aug 2018

Increased collaboration between Norway and Japan

27. Aug 2018

Fornøyde innsatte

27. Aug 2018

Oljenæringen trenger folk igjen