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Test centres and labs

Test centres and labs

NORCE builds its own facilities and has access to a variety of infrastructure, including various labs and test facilities. This infrastructure is important for developing new knowledge that meets society’s needs, and contributes to a sustainable energy transition.

Ullrigg Test Centre

Ullrigg Test Center, UTC, is a unique and complete full-scale test and piloting center for technology, system, methods and solutions in drilling and well activities.

Sustainable Energy Research Labs

Laboratories for an experimental understanding of subsurface flow processes and a broad instrument park for analytical services.

Advanced Petroleum Laboratories

We offer a wide range of experimental research related to improved oil recovery (IOR), enhanced oil recovery (EOR), CO2 utilization and storage (CCUS), and special core analyses (SCAL).

OpenLab Drilling

A web enabled drilling simulator integrating the physical and virtual drilling and well operations.

NORCE P&A Laboratories

Testing of Plug & Abandonment technology

The National Bioprocessing and Fermentation Centre

NBioC is a national research infrastructure for the development of new bioresources and bioproducts. A landmark facility for fermentation process design, optimization, and scale-up from laboratory to pilot scale.

LFI - The Laboratory for Fresh Water Ecology and Inland Fisheries

Research, monitoring, measures and studies in freshwater ecology. More than 50 years of experience, including special expertise in salmonids (salmon, sea trout, inland trout) and benthic invertebrates.

Weddell Watch - Ocean Observatories

We are monitoring the coldest water on the globe in Antarctica.


Infrastructure for Norwegian Earth System Modelling


An European research infrastructure forming an observation system that will measure and assess atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations ensuring independent and reliable carbon measurements.

Drones og autonomous systems

NORCE has specialist competence on drone-based service development, regulations, operational concept, risk analysis and risk assessment.

Research aircraft

NORCE has its own research aircraft stationed in Tromsø. NORCE has also instrumented the Lufttransport Dornier aircraft stationed at Svalbard.

Mechatronics Innovation Lab

MIL is a technology catapult for innovation, piloting and technology qualification within mechatronics and related areas

Mechatronics Innovation Lab
NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop

A full scale oil-water-gas flow loop.

NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop

We have extensive experience from research and science, high competence across disciplines and a number of laboratories and infrastructures.

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