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Social Sciences

We conduct research on culture and society which provides a foundation for decision-making by politicians, the authorities and the business sector in relation to key arenas of society.

We study changes taking place in Norway as they happen. We contribute to an understanding and explanation of large, complex societal challenges, in order to promote change. We evaluate key public reforms, such as when politicians adopt a health care or public administration-related reform.

We conduct research on the voluntary sector, the consequences of climate change for society, we investigate why students drop out of upper secondary school, as well as migration, integration and urbanisation.

We also conduct research on elections and politics, innovation in the public sector, health care and welfare services, the labour and welfare sector, and the culture sector. We further conduct research on business development, transportation and safety in working life.

We help document and develop the story of Norwegian society, both today and for future generations.

Our research groups are located in Bergen, Haugesund, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Leadership or participation in centres and networks

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