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Ulf Jakob Flø Aarsnes

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 56 71
Tullins gate 2, 0166 Oslo, Norway

I am a senior researcher with the Drilling and Well Modeling group at the NORCE Energy department, and the recipient of a MSCA Individual Fellowship and FRIPRO Mobility stipend. I am the project leader of the Robust Estimation and Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems (RECIDS) project: This project is focused on the development and implementation of model-based control and estimation algorithms for systems described by PDEs (i.e. infinite dimensional systems). Before the mobility stipend I received my PhD at NTNU in the Intelligent Drilling -- Automated Underbalanced Drilling Operations project, and then worked as a PostDoc in the DrillWell program. I spent one year from 2018-2019 working with Prof. Miroslav Krstic at the University of California at San Diego and one year from 2019-2020 working with Prof. Florent Di Meglio at Mines ParisTech, France. In May 2018 I organized the “Fourth International Colloquium on Non-linear dynamics and control of deep drilling systems” in Stavanger, Norway.

Ulf Jakob Flø Aarsnes


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Energy Modelling and Automation

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