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Research on sustainable use and management of the environment and natural resources

Our research generates knowledge for the green shift and the circular economy, which the aquaculture industry, public administration and local fish farmers need to resolve their challenges.

Our research on the environment, ecosystems, aquaculture and biotechnology contributes to solutions and innovations for the future bioeconomy, a reduced environmental footprint and new growth for industry and commerce.

Sustainable aquaculture

We investigate how the aquaculture industry can become more sustainable, with better fish welfare and productivity, while also growing.

We are at the forefront of research into effective production in closed facilities and in investigating how aquaculture activity affects local wild salmon stocks.

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Responsible use of biotechnology

We develop model systems and detection systems for the use of new genetic engineering tools such as CRISPR in food and feed systems. We take a multidisciplinary and holistic approach in order to understand how these new tools can solve social problems and contribute to green restructuring.

Freshwater ecology and management of wild salmon

We cooperate with environmental authorities and hydropower companies on how to ensure sustainable stocks of wild fish and implement measures such as environmental flood protection. We conduct research, monitoring, measures and investigations into freshwater ecology and have over 50 years of experience, including special expertise in salmon fishing (salmon, sea trout, freshwater trout) and benthic fauna, and on the environmental conditions that must be in place for these species to have sustainable populations.

Extensive experience of environmental monitoring

We carry out environmental monitoring and map environmental change in rivers, fjords and sea areas. Through our mapping of environmental change over time, 30-year data series have been developed, which are also used to model ocean currents for the optimal placement of fish farms, recommend times for delousing at the facilities, as well as assist the oil sector.

In other projects we are researching new feed sources for farmed salmon, while also developing industrial enzymes that the marine product industry needs to increase the value of residual raw materials.

We acquire knowledge about the antibiotic resistance genes that are present in the environment and how this affects human and animal health (one-health perspective).

We have laboratories in Bergen, Tromsø and Stavanger with effective analytical tools for resolving the challenges faced by society and industry in addressing, for example, marine plastic litter.

How can we help you?

Our clients are the aquaculture industry, municipalities, counties, directorates and ministries, and major international partners. Through national and international networks, we cooperate closely with other research communities.

Our expertise is in collecting and analysing data that provide a basis for making decisions for a sustainable future. We use our advanced research infrastructures to identify new and innovative solutions.

Our research takes a 360-degree perspective, and we offer a knowledge base in most areas of society.

Please get in touch if you would like to cooperate with us.

Hans Kleivdal

Deputy EVP and Head of Business Development, Climate & Environment - Bergen

+47 56 10 70 18
+47 986 40 351

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