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We contribute research and development for sustainable use and management of the environment and natural resources.

Our research on the environment, ecosystem, aquaculture and biotechnology contributes to solutions and innovations for the bioeconomy of the future – a reduced footprint on the environment, and new growth for manufacturing and industry.

We generate knowledge for the green shift and the circular economy, which is needed by the aquaculture industry, public administration and local fish farms in order to address their challenges. Our excellent laboratories in Bergen and Stavanger and their effective analytical tools are used to address the challenges of society and industry in relation to issues like marine plastic pollution. Other projects focus on research on new sources of feed for farmed salmon, at the same time that we are developing industrial enzymes needed by the marine production industry in order to increase the value of by-products.

We examine how the aquaculture industry can become more sustainable, with better fish welfare and productivity, while allowing growth. We are global leaders in our research on efficient production at closed-containment aquaculture systems, and in our investigations into how aquaculture impacts on local wild salmon populations. We collaborate with the environmental authorities and hydropower companies on ways to secure vigorous wild salmon stocks, and implement measures like environment-based flood barriers.

We investigate environmental impacts, and have charted environmental changes in rivers, fjords and seas. Our charting of environmental change over time has yielded 30 years of data series that are also used to model sea currents in order to ensure that aquaculture facilities are situated in the best locations, to recommend times for delousing these facilities, and to assist the oil sector. Through our collaboration with industry and the authorities, our research yields important knowledge, and we also contribute to new research-based environmental monitoring technologies.

Our environmental research communities are mainly located in Bergen og Stavanger.

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