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We conduct research in the field of oil/gas and renewable forms of energy, with a focus on cost-efficient, safe energy production that guarantees the lowest CO2 footprint possible during the green shift.

Oil and gas

NORCE focuses on research and development that contribute to digitalization, automation and increased cost efficiency in the oil and gas sector internationally and in Norway. This takes place in close collaboration with the industry.

Research is conducted on drilling and well technology, reservoir modelling and simulation, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), carbon capture and storage, and plugging and abandoning wells.

We have first-class petroleum laboratories and unique test facilities at the Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre, which is Norway's only full-scale drilling rig on land. The facility is used for practical testing, qualification of well and drilling equipment, and training of personnel. OpenLab Drilling is our simulation tool for research, teaching and demonstration of drilling technology.

We host the DrillWell research centre, which conducts research on well and drilling technology and enhanced oil recovery, and are a partner in the Offshore Mechatronics centre for research-based innovation, which conducts research on the development of processes that reduce the number of manual offshore work processes. Both research centres are run in close collaboration with partners in the industry. We are also part of COREC, the Center for Oil Recovery, and the National IOR Centre of Norway.

Renewable forms of energy

The development of renewable forms of energy is key to the green shift, and NORCE has spent years conducting research on the development of renewable solutions and systems which are sustainable and cost-efficient.

Research is conducted on offshore wind power, geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage, and design and development of new energy systems that integrate the new forms of energy with distribution systems, storage systems and consumers.

We host CGER – the Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research – and NORCOWE – the Norwegian Research Cluster for Offshore Wind. We have founded Norway's new green energy company GreenStat, which seeks to develop profitable green projects, and to make investments that lead to a rapid transition to the zero emissions society.

Our energy research communities are in Bergen og Stavanger.

Laboratories and test facilities

Spin-off companies

Participation in centres and clusters

International collaboration