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Technology for better solutions

Our solutions are used in sectors such as aquaculture, energy, industry, monitoring of sea and land, medicine, transport, and public safety. We work closely with other research fields in order to identify new answers and better solutions.

We have strong technological communities in artificial intelligence, smart instrumentation, modeling, software development, machine learning, visualization, image, and video analysis, advanced maintenance, mechatronics, cybernetics, signal processing, surveillance from drones and satellites, energy systems, and clean energy.

Digitizing for the energy of the future

We work with drilling and well technology with special expertise in digital drilling, autonomous processes, well plugging, modelling of downhole processes and CO2 storage. We conduct full-scale experiments, testing and qualification of equipment.

We work with renewable energy and energy systems.

Modeling and calculations

We work with industrial simulation, instrumentation and testing, as well as data processing, Big Data, and machine learning.

Measurement technology

We work with measurement technology, smart sensors, and sensor networks. We work with mapping technology for unmanned vessels (drones) in air and water. We develop technology for monitoring seas and coastlines.


We work with the transfer of technology, methods, and expertise between petroleum technology and medical technology.

How can we help you?

Our clients are public and private actors in various sectors who need to develop technology and decision support systems. Through national and international networks, we cooperate closely with other research communities.

Our expertise is in identifying new and innovative solutions in conjunction with the industry. Towards this end we have a number of advanced national research infrastructures.

Our research takes a holistic perspective, and we offer a knowledge base in most areas of society.

Please get in touch if you would like to cooperate with us.

Kristin Margrethe Flornes

EVP Energy & Technology - Bergen


Test centres and laboratories

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Research Groups

We lead several SFI Centres for Research-based Innovation and a Petro Center. Feel free to contact us if you want to become a partner in one of our centers.