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We develop technology that is used both on the seabed and out in space.

Our solutions are used in sectors like transportation, aquaculture, energy, civil protection and medicine. We work closely with other disciplines in order to identify new responses and better solutions.

We have strong technological communities with expertise in cybernetics, modelling, software development, data analysis, Big Data, machine learning, visualisation, image and video analysis, advanced maintenance, mechatronics, smart instrumentation, signal processing, mapping by drone, energy systems and clean energy.


We work with drilling and well technology, and have particular expertise in digital drilling, automation, plugging wells, modelling downhole processes and CO2 capture and transport. We conduct full-scale experiments, testing and qualification of equipment.

We work with renewable energy and energy systems.

Modelling and computing

We work with industrial simulation, instrumentation and testing, as well as with data processing, Big Data and machine learning.

Monitoring technology

We work with monitoring technology, smart sensors and sensor networks. We work with mapping technology for airborne and marine unmanned vessels (drones). We develop technology for monitoring seas and coasts.

Health care

We work with transfer of technology, methods and competence between petroleum technology and medical technology.

Our technology research communities are in Tromsø, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Grimstad.

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Operation of facilities

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