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We conduct research and provide education that is important to health in every phase of life.

Evaluation, effect studies and service innovation

We evaluate health policy and conduct research on it, as well as on the national health care and welfare system in the public and private sectors. Our overarching goal is to develop new knowledge and better services for users.

Researchers generate unique knowledge that improves mental health services for children and adolescents. We are at the cutting edge of research on sleep, bullying, child welfare and music therapy.

We conduct research on occupational health, and have leading communities in effect research on measures to address sick leave and measures to foster inclusion in working life.

Our communities in the fields of elderly medicine and emergency primary health care are leading the way nationally, and are improving the quality and productivity of the municipal health care services.

We conduct innovation, research and development on medical technology, with particular emphasis on software, sensors and electronics.

Our health research communities are mainly located in Bergen.

Operation of centres of excellence and centres of knowledge

Participation in centres, clusters and networks

Selected projects

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