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We study climate change, the consequences of climate change, and how we can best adapt to this change.

We play a leading role in climate adaptation, in order to provide the best possible foundation for decision-making for users in the public and private sector.

Adaptation to climate change on the basis of more detailed knowledge about precipitation amounts, wind and temperature is critical in order to guarantee sound and sustainable societies.

We also develop seasonal forecasts using the Seasonal Forecasting Engine, information which will be relevant to many industries, like power, insurance and agriculture.

We are experts in advanced climate modelling, which is not only important for climate services, but also for scenarios related to greenhouse gas emissions. We contribute to the work conducted by decision-makers to reduce carbon emissions, and to the foundation of knowledge available to the International Climate Panel.

In addition to possessing advanced competence in technical modelling, we are developing marine environment monitoring, for example by closely following the extent of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, monitoring CO2 leaks using sensors – and ocean and fjord acidification.

Our climate research communities are mainly located in Bergen.

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