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Peter James Thomas

Chief Scientist

+47 911 31 378
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Peter James Thomas


Energy & Technology

Research themes

Fibre Optical Communication

Research Groups

Measurement Science

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Fluorescence intensity and fluorescence lifetime measurements of various carbon dots as a function of pH – Scientific Reports 2023
Phase Error Evaluation via Differentiation and Cross-Multiplication Demodulation in Phase-Sensitive Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry – Photonics 2023
Design of a Flexible Weight Sensor Using Optical Fibre Macrobending – Sensors 2023
The subsurface thermal state of Svalbard and implications for geothermal potential – Geothermics 2023
Data from lab-scale experiments of fibre optic vibration measurement – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
Towards Building a Distributed Virtual Flow Meter via Compressed Continual Learning – Sensors 2022
Better Modeling Out-of-Distribution Regression on Distributed Acoustic Sensor Data Using Anchored Hidden State Mixup – IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2022
Concept description for the use of fibre-optic measurements for seismic tomography – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2021
Cross hole seismic experiment with DAS/DTS data. Svelvik CO2 field lab – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2021
A Survey on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensor Data Modelling Techniques and Machine Learning Algorithms for Multiphase Fluid Flow Estimation – Sensors 2021
A fully distributed fibre optic sensor for the detection of liquid hydrocarbons – IEEE Sensors Journal 2020
Characterization of Optical Fibers Directly Embedded on Metal Using a Particle Spray-Based Method – IEEE Sensors Journal 2020
Evaluating phase errors in phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry based on i/q demodulation – Journal of Lightwave Technology 2020
9-Acridinemethanamine and Acridine-9-Carboxaldehyde as Potential Fluorescence Lifetime pH Indicators – Journal of Fluorescence 2020
A distributed fibre optic approach for providing early warning of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2020
Numerical Modeling of Fcy OTDR Sensing Using a Refractive Index Perturbation Approach – Journal of Lightwave Technology 2020
The use of surfactant-filled mesoporous silica as an immobilising medium for a fluorescence lifetime pH indicator, providing long-term calibration stability – RSC Advances 2019
A broad-range fluorescence lifetime pH sensing material based on a single organic fluorophore – Journal of Fluorescence 2019
A review of methods for fibre-optic distributed chemical sensing – Sensors 2019
Pillars or Pancakes? Self-Cleaning Surfaces without Coating – Nano Letters 2018
A high response polyimide fiber optic sensor for distributed humidity measurements – Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 2018
The use of novel optode sensor technologies for monitoring dissolved carbon dioxide and ammonia concentrations under live haul conditions – Aquacultural Engineering 2017
A fully distributed fibre optic sensor for relative humidity measurements – Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 2017
Underwater Superoleophobic Sapphire (0001) Surfaces – Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2015
Continuous long-term observations of the carbonate system dynamics in the water column of a temperate fjord – Journal of Marine Systems 2015
Impact of gas hydrate formation/dissociation on water-in-crude oil emulsion properties studied by dielectric measurements – Energy & Fuels 2015
Performance of a lifetime-based optode for measuring partial pressure of carbon dioxide in natural waters – Limnology and Oceanography : Methods 2014
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