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Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources (CSSR)

The Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources (CSSR) addresses the broader challenges of electrification of oil and gas production necessary to reach goals of drastic GHG emissions cuts by 2030 and near-zero petroleum production by 2050. Provided research will meet the essential subsurface understanding and improved digital methods needed for effective, energy-efficient management and science-based decision-making for petroleum reservoirs powered by renewable energy.

It is important to establish a tighter connection between reservoir operations and variable power supply, develop local subsurface energy storage options and provide tools for efficient, reliable data integration into digital reservoir management workflows. The main research challenges that will be addressed by the centre include: 1) improving understanding of the impact of variable flow on effective reservoir drainage and the potential for gaining energy efficiency under a intermittent power supply,2) identifying and characterizing the main processes critical for developing local subsurface energy storage options, 3) developing reservoir management tools including variable power and local energy backup, use of data-driven methods in physics-based simulation to accelerate management workflows, 4) develop advanced coupling strategies to improve the interlinkage of conventional reservoir modeling with simulation demands arising from new use of petroleum reservoirs.

New subsurface understanding and improved digital workflows for operations in an electrified scenario will also add screening criteria for future use of reservoirs for carbon and hydrogen storage and allow for better reservoir appraisal for late conversion of fields to new value streams. The centre aims at showcasing developed models and methods on realistic field cases and to perform system level studies to assess the techno-economic potential in use of energy efficient reservoir operations combined with subsurface energy storage.