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Drones and autonomous systems in NORCE has specialist competence on drone-based service development, regulations, operational concept, risk analysis and risk assessment.

The research group has special expertise and experience from operations in the Arctic/Antarctic. The infrastructure includes opportunities for combined use of drones and research aircraft, both on Svalbard and on the mainland, which enables efficient collection of research data from large areas.

NORCE's research environment on drones is mainly located in Tromsø.

Airborne platforms

  • Manned Aircraft instrumentation and system integration​
  • Manned aircraft operations​
  • Complex drone operations​
  • Drone standards and concepts​
  • Urban Air Mobility​
  • Security and risk analysis​
  • Drone communication systems​
  • Drone autonomy and automation​
  • Complete systems simulation​
  • VTOL / fixed wing / multirotor systems

Airborne sensors, analysis and products 

  • Drone instrumentation and system integration​
  • Radar sensors​
  • Multi and hyperspectral sensors​
  • Sensor systems and algorithms​
  • Machine vision​
  • Machine learning​

Important activities

  • Drone and aircraft based RADAR sensors for cryosphere research, emergency response support and soil properties​
  • Infrastructure inspection - solar array inspections with adaptive path planning​
  • On-board, real-time processing​
  • Real-time sharing of payload data with end users​
  • Collaborative operations (end users receive data in real time)​
  • Automated (drone) inspections using machine vision and AI​
  • Drone sensor for location of high concentration of Calanus finmarchicus (raudåte) in the sea for more efficient harvesting​
  • GPS denied navigation methods​
  • Simulator and digital tween systems for urban air mobility

Research aircraft

NORCE's research aircraft will be put into operation in 2022. The plane can carry 3-4 people and a payload of 150 kg.

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Rune Storvold
SVP Observing Systems / Regional Manager Nord

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