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NORCE is a co-owner of the Mechatronics Innovation Lab in Grimstad, which is a high-tech facility for robotics, HPC and 3D printing.

Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS (MIL) is a center for innovation, piloting, and technology qualification in mechatronics and other nearby disciplines. 

The lab offers both start-ups and established industry access to expertise, testing facilities, and technology. The University of Agder and NORCE are the primary owners of the test center, which is approximately 2000 m2 and is located in Grimstad in Agder.

In addition to project hotels with office and common areas, the test center has facilities for the following technologies:

  • Robotics and autonomous vehicles
  • 3D printing and 3D scanning
  • Simulation
  • Fluid power
  • Electrical power
  • High force
  • Reliability
  • Instrumentation
  • Climate chamber
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Future production
  • Lifting and handling
  • AI & Deep learning
  • Xtended reality

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Visit the MIL lab's own website to see more about what we offer.


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John Lilletuns vei 9, Bygg J Grimstad


Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS
Postboks 22, 5838 Bergen

NORCE contact in MIL

Nabil Belbachir
Research Director
Smart Instrumentation and Industrial Testing


+47 401 08 137