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Tor Harald Sandve

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 56 34
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I have a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Bergen from 2013. After that I worked with the development of simulation tools for flow in underground reservoirs, first in IRIS then in Norce. I am one of the main developers behind the open reservoir simulator OPM Flow, where I have, among other things, developed a separate module for CO2 storage in the underground which is both efficient and easy to use.

My research interests are particularly related to the use of mathematical modeling and simulation to solve practical problems related to the transition to a more sustainable utilization of energy resources.

Tor Harald Sandve


Energy and Technology

Research themes

CCS/CCUS: Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Research Groups

Computational Geosciences and Modelling

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