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Svenn Tveit

Senior Researcher

+47 56 10 71 43
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Svenn Tveit


Energy & Technology

Research themes

CCS/CCUS: Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Research Groups

Computational Geosciences and Modelling

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The Impact of Pre-Project Data Quality and Quantity on Developing Environmental Monitoring Strategies for Offshore Carbon Storage: Case Studies from the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. – Social Science Research Network (SSRN) 2022
Dynamic estimates of extreme-case CO2 storage capacity for basin-scale heterogeneous systems under geological uncertainty – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2022
Numerical studies of CO2 leakage remediation by MICP-based plugging technology – 2021
Practical approaches to study microbially induced calcite precipitation at the field scale – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2021
Combining CSEM or gravity inversion with seismic AVO inversion, with application to monitoring of large-scale CO2 injection – Computational Geosciences 2020
Protection of Caprock Integrity for Large-Scale CO2 Storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2019
Using Bayesian model probability for ranking different prior scenarios in reservoir history matching – SPE Journal 2019
Geophysical Monitoring [FME SUCCESS Synthesis report Volume 4] – SUCCESS [Christian Michelsen Research AS] 2018
Distorted Born iterative T-Matrix method for inversion of CSEM data in anisotropic media – Geophysical Journal International 2018
Ensemble-based Bayesian inversion of CSEM data for subsurface structure identification – Geophysical Journal International 2015
Identification of subsurface structures using electromagnetic data and shape priors – Journal of Computational Physics 2015
Errors in the upstream mobility scheme for countercurrent two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media – Computational Geosciences 2012
Errors in the upstream mobility scheme for counter-current two-phase flow with discontinuous permeabilities – 2012
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