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Martin Fernø

Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Martin Fernø

Research Groups

Computational Geosciences and Modelling

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Direct Comparison of Numerical Simulations and Experiments of CO <inf>2</inf> Injection and Migration in Geologic Media: Value of Local Data and Forecasting Capability – Transport in Porous Media 2023
Pore-scale spatiotemporal dynamics of microbial-induced calcium carbonate growth and distribution in porous media – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2023
Microfluidic hydrogen storage capacity and residual trapping during cyclic injections: Implications for underground storage – International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2023
Multimodal Visualization of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) in the Pore Space of a Micromodel – 2023
Fluid Flow visualization By PET-CT – 2023
Effect of relative permeability hysteresis on reservoir simulation of underground hydrogen storage in an offshore aquifer – Journal of Energy Storage 2023
Lab on a chip for a low-carbon future – Lab on a Chip 2023
Pore-scale study of microbial hydrogen consumption and wettability alteration during underground hydrogen storage – Frontiers in Energy Research 2023
PoroTwin: A Digital Twin for a FluidFlower Rig – Transport in Porous Media 2022
Hydrogen Relative Permeability Hysteresis in Underground Storage – Geophysical Research Letters 2022
Pore-scale dynamics for underground porous media hydrogen storage – Advances in Water Resources 2022
Pore-scale bubble population dynamics of CO2-foam at reservoir pressure – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2022
Seasonal hydrogen storage in a depleted oil and gas field – International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2021
Relationship Between Microbial Growth and Hydraulic Properties at the Sub-Pore Scale – Transport in Porous Media 2021
Pore-and core-scale insights of nanoparticle-stabilized foam for CO2-enhanced oil recovery – Nanomaterials 2020
Capillary pressure characteristics of CO2-brine-sandstone systems – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2020
CO2 mobility reduction using foam stabilized by CO2- and water-soluble surfactants – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020
Increased CO2 storage capacity using CO2-foam – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2020
Upscaling co2 foam for eor as ccus from on-to offshore – Proceedings - Offshore Technology Conference 2020
Unlocking Multimodal PET-MR Synergies for Geoscience – Advances in Water Resources 2020
Population-balance modeling of CO2 foam for CCUS using nanoparticles – Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 2020
Core-scale sensitivity study of CO2 foam injection strategies for mobility control, enhanced oil recovery, and CO2 storage – E3S Web of Conferences 2020
Dos and Don’ts When Developing a System to Investigate Spontaneous Imbibition in Unconsolicdated Porous Media – E3S Web of Conferences 2019
Model calibration for forecasting CO2-foam enhanced oil recovery field pilot performance in a carbonate reservoir – Petroleum Geoscience 2019
Measurements of CH4 and CO2 relative permeability in hydrate-bearing sandstone – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2019
Foam Flow and Mobility Control in Natural Fracture Networks – Transport in Porous Media 2019
Performance of Silica Nanoparticles in CO2-foam for EOR and CCUS at Tough Reservoir Conditions – SPE Journal 2019
An integrated carbon-dioxide-foam enhanced-oil-recovery pilot program with combined carbon capture, utilization, and storage in an onshore Texas heterogeneous carbonate field – SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering 2019
Pore-to-core EOR upscaling for CO2-foam for CCUS – SPE Journal 2019
Surfactant Prefloods During Carbon Dioxide Foam Injection for Integrated Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractured Oil-Wet Carbonates – SPE Journal 2019
An Experimental Investigation of Gas-Production Rates During Depressurization of Sedimentary Methane Hydrates – SPE Journal 2019
The Effect of Non-Uniform Wettability and Heterogeneity on Induction Time and Onset of Spontaneous Imbibition – SPE Journal 2019
Pillars or Pancakes? Self-Cleaning Surfaces without Coating – Nano Letters 2018
An experimental investigation of gas production rates during depressurization of sedimentary methane hydrates – 2018
Pore-to Core EOR Upscaling for CO2-foam for CCUS – 2018
Integrated CO2 Foam EOR Pilot Program with Combined CCUS in an Onshore Texas Heterogeneous Carbonate Field – 2018
Mechanisms of Multiphase Reactive Flow using Biogenically Calcite-Functionalized Micromodels – Lab on a Chip 2018
Salinity Effects on Pore-Scale Methane Gas Hydrate Dissociation – Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2018
Darcy-scale simulation of boundary-condition effects during capillary-dominated flow in high-permeability systems – SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering 2018
The Onset of Spontaneous Imbibition: How Irregular Fronts Influence Imbibition Rate and Scaling Groups – 2018
Silica Nanoparticles to Stabilize CO2-foam for Improved CO2 Utilization: Enhanced CO2 Storage and Oil Recovery from Mature Oil Reservoirs – Fuel 2018
CO2 Foam EOR Field Pilot - Pilot Design, Geologic and Reservoir Modeling, and Laboratory Investigations – 2017
Pore-scale mechanisms during low salinity waterflooding: Oil mobilization by diffusion and osmosis – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2017
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