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Birane Kane


+47 51 87 56 45
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Researcher with background in applied Mathematics for engineering. Knowledge of various components, Numerical methods for partial differential equations and Stochastic Differential Equations; Scientific software development; High performance computing; Adaptive mesh refinement; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Reservoir Simulation.

Our current project addresses the modelling and simulation of non-Newtonian fluids with applications to IOR and drilling and well technology. Non-Newtonian fluid flow modelisation is of paramount importance in many industrial and medical application from enhanced oil recovery to blood flow in arteries and polymer processing. The behaviour of those non-newtonian flow is complex and requires a careful treatment of the physical processes involved as well as accurate and efficient numerical techniques.

Birane Kane


Energy and Technology

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Machine learning

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Computational Geosciences and Modelling

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