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Yngve Heggelund

Senior Researcher

+47 917 97 224
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I'm a senior researcher at NORCE Energy and Technology, in the Digital Systems group. I have a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Bergen.

I started working at Christian Michelsen Research in 2001, and I have a special interest for software development, data-analysis, data processing, modelling, simulations and data science in general. There are several application areas including processing and analysis of fiber optic measurements (DAS), and processing and interpretation of marine acoustic data.

Since 2009, several of my projects have been within offshore wind energy. I was a member of the FME-center NORCOWE (Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind) since the start in 2009 - an FME-center for research on offshore wind energy. Since this I have lead and participated in projects dealing with different aspects of offshore wind energy; decision support for installation (DECOFF), fast wake simulations (NORCOWE, CONWIND), wind measurements (COTUR), and simulation of energy systems in relation to electrification of offshore oil and gas installations withe wind energy (ELOGOW).


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