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Acoustic fiber optic traffic monitoring

Acoustic fiber optic traffic monitoring

, Photo: Statens vegvesen, Test Skilting Crop, ,

Photo: Statens vegvesen

Real-time road traffic monitoring is a highly relevant application of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). Together with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA), NORCE has performed a project using DAS to collect and analyse traffic information to improve traffic safety on European road E8 in Skibotndalen.

In this project different solutions for the selection of fiber optic cables and cable installation were proposed, both for existing two-lane road and for construction of new two-lane road. These solutions were realized by the NPRA as physical cable installations along selected test locations along the E8 in Skibotndalen (Gardeborgbakken and Sidnodevva). NORCE carried out field measurements together with the NPRA at two test sites along the E8 in Skibotndalen in February and August 2018. The measurements were carried out during controlled conditions, i.e. with a closed road and with two fixed test vehicles. Suitability of the various cables and installation methods was evaluated and signal analysis methodology was developed based upon NORCE's development platform for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) including NORCE inhouse DAS interrogator.

In 2019 further field testing was carried out to evaluate real-time traffic flow analysis with regular “live” traffic, and test of algorithms for the detection traffic anomalies from the system.

Photo: Jeremy Cook, Skibotndalen, E8 Skilt Crop, ,

Photo: Jeremy Cook


Signal response from various traffic incidents was also demonstrated.

The prototype solution was demonstrated and results disseminated together with NPRA. NORCE intends to continue to contribute to increase awareness of the practical use of fibre optical traffic measurement technology.


Ranveig Nygaard Bjørk

Research Director Measurement Science - Bergen

+47 913 35 305

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Acoustic fiber optic traffic monitoring




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