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Large Scale Survey System (LSSS)

Large Scale Survey System (LSSS)

"Large Scale Survey System," abbreviated LSSS and pronounced "L-triple-S," is today a software package for detailed analysis of data from multi-frequency echo-sounders, either in offline mode in offices or in online mode during data collection. LSSS is designed for use in monitoring, estimation, and management of marine resources, as well as for use in marine research. The main strength of LSSS is to provide rapid interpretation of large amounts of data. All functionality is built with the aim of enabling users to interpret a full day's survey data in about 2 hours. This helps make LSSS an ideal tool for regular monitoring and analysis of a nation's stock of various species.

Project facts


Large Scale Survey System (LSSS)




19.04.24 - 31.12.31

Total budget

2.750.000 NOK

Research group

Research Topics


Institute of Marine Research

Project members

Rolf Jacob Korneliussen