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Renewable energy

Renewable energy

We develop environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions

We develop environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions

NORCE leads the way in the conversion of the current energy mix from fossil to renewable and in the development of more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions.

We head the national hydrogen centre, HyValue, which will contribute to faster decarbonisation. Other focus areas are offshore wind, carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy and integrated energy solutions.

We are also looking at how we can use less energy, rather than producing more, in line with the EU's introduction of taxonomy. We are also working to find solutions to minimise the environmental footprint and preserve untouched nature.

In order to succeed with the entire energy transition, we need the population with us. For this reason we are also researching how the various new solutions can be endorsed locally, nationally and globally.

Please contact us if you would like to cooperate with us.

Annette Fagerhaug Stephansen

Digital Systems Research Director Digital Systems - Bergen


+47 402 23 815

NORCE has previously led two research centres for environmentally friendly energy, FME SUCCESS on CO2 storage and FME NORCOWE on offshore wind.

In renewable energy, we have the following focus areas:

  • Hydrogen
  • Offshore wind
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCU/CCSU)
  • Geothermal energy and integrated energy solutions
  • Solar energy

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