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Annette Fagerhaug Stephansen

Research Director Digital Systems

+47 402 23 815
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I have been Research Director for the group Digital Systems since 2019. The latter years have seen an impressive development of artificial intelligence, and this is a research field which is very important for our research group. Personally, I’m particularly interested in the ethical aspects, how the technology influences society around us and how we can achieve a technology development in close collaboration with its users. NORCE has a privileged position since we are an interdisciplinary research institute, and the distance is short between technology researchers, social scientists and experts on everything from environment to health. Artificial intelligence is a technology that can be applied to all manners of disciplines, and it is important with a good transdisciplinary collaboration in order to develop good solutions and anticipate the consequences of the solutions we propose.

I am in the board of two research centers: SFI Smart Ocean that studies smart and wireless underwater communication, and SFI CRIMAC that studies the use of acoustics to analyze life underwater for fishing boats and research vessels. I am Deputy Chair of the board of NORA.ai – Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – where I have been active since 2021. I am also in the board of NORA.startup.

I have a master’s degree (or “laurea”) in aerodynamics from PoliMi in Milan and a PhD in applied mathematics from École des Ponts ParisTech. In 2008 I moved back to Norway and started to work as a researcher at the Uni Research SFF center CIPR (Center for Integrated Petroleum Research). There I worked with control volume methods which are used to study flow in porous media. From 2013 I worked at Christian Michelsen Research as a coordinator for the FME Centre NORCOWE. NORCOWE, Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind, was started in 2009 when the optimism around offshore wind research in Norway was great. This was the year when Hywind Demo was launched, Havsul obtained a concession for building 78 offshore wind turbines and two research centers for offshore wind were established. From here I got a lot of experience regarding leading large research centers. Both Uni research and Christian Michelsen Research were merged into NORCE at the end of 2018.


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