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Worklife and Inclusion

Worklife and Inclusion

Science for a better life

The research group integrates health- and social science in a way that is useful for the individual as well as the society. We seek to produce relevant knowledge that contributes to healthy, active lives in a society that has room for everyone.

We collaborate with municipalities and county municipalities, and have carried out projects for KS, NAV, the Directorate of Labor and Welfare and the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

We disseminate knowledge through lectures on sick leave and return to work, work participation, work inclusion, young people outside school and working life, and contribute to innovation processes related to the development of new measures aimed at increasing participation in society and working life for people outside. In these processes, we can contribute knowledge about intervention logic, process and effect evaluations of measures.

Tonje Fyhn

Worklife and Inclusion SVP Welfare, Labour and Health - Bergen

+47 56 10 72 27

In order to sustain the welfare state, we have to enable work participation for more people in the work-capable age-range. By investigating the effect of vocational rehabilitation efforts through systematic evaluations, we seek to contribute to a working life that has room for all. The aim is that the knowledge we produce can inform political decisions regarding health and work participation.

Our main research areas include:

  1. Work participation among young people not in school or education (NEET), and people with different health complaints, physical disabilities, or with a cultural minority background.
  2. Individual follow-up and coordination of people on sick-leave.
  3. Evaluation of vocation rehabilitation programs, such as Individual Placement and Support (IPS)
  4. Social inequality in health and participation in society
  5. The effect of physical activity on sickness absence and work capacity.

Meet our team

Irene Larsen Øyeflaten

Research Professor - Bergen
+47 56 10 72 99

Martin Skagseth

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 76 55

Merete Labriola

Research Professor - Bergen
+47 56 10 76 48

Vigdis Sveinsdottir

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 72 87

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