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Welfare, Labour and Health

Welfare, Labour and Health

Promoting well-being, health, and inclusion through knowledge

The department conducts extensive research in welfare, employment, and health to improve working conditions, inclusion, and well-being in society.

Through studies on work environment, employment conditions, workplace inclusion, and rights, we seek to understand and develop measures to create healthier workplaces.

Furthermore, we investigate the causes and consequences of exclusion and develop solutions to reduce exclusion and promote inclusion.

The department also works on welfare policies, social inclusion, and inequalities to understand social challenges and develop policies that promote welfare and equality. Additionally, we focus on health economics, evaluation of healthcare services, and improvement of general healthcare services and emergency care.

In addition, we explore the use of music therapy in the health and welfare sector, and we assess side effects of dental treatment-related biomaterials.

Head of Department
Tonje Fyhn

Worklife and Inclusion SVP Welfare, Labour and Health - Bergen

+47 56 10 72 27