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PACT - Pathways to Active Citizenship

PACT - Pathways to Active Citizenship

PACT commits itself to the task of exploring how newly settled refugees navigate within the active citizenship dimensions in the arenas of work, education/qualification, and the voluntary sector. The refugees' own experience, as well the role of services to facilitate desired processes, are the main pillars of the project.

PACT consists of three work packages:

  • WP1 focuses on unaccompanied refugee minors, and uses existing registry data, comparative analysis, questionnaire data, and longitudinal qualitative methods to investigate quality of life and educational and working life trajectories among unaccompanied refugee minors.
  • WP2 uses existing registry data to examine the long-term effects of a work rehabilitation intervention for refugees in the introduction program in Bergen, and to identify possible sequential patterns in the study population’s labor market attachment.
  • WP3 uses a mixed methods evaluative trailing research design to construct a program theory for a work-training program for refugees in a voluntary sector organization, and to standardize the program so it can be implemented on a larger scale.

Towards the end of the project period, collaborators will work together to synthesize results into a coherent message, and translate the results into their daily practices


Martin Skagseth

Senior Researcher - Bergen

+47 56 10 76 55

Project facts


PACT - Pathways to Active Citizenship




01.01.21 - 31.12.26



Total budget

11.673.000 NOK

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