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Irene Larsen Øyeflaten

Research Professor

+47 56 10 72 99
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am researcher in the field of work, health and evaluation of work-related interventions. My PhD was about prognostic factors for return to work after long-term sick leave. Knowledge about prognostic factors can contribute to better targeted and tailored work-related interventions. I have long clinical experience within interdisciplinary work rehabilitation for individuals at risk of permanently falling out of work due to complex health situations. My research is clinically relevant, tailored to the users’ needs and connected to collaboration within the chain of interactive stakeholders (primary- and secondary healthcare, the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Services (NAV) and the workplace). Work participation have documented health effects also for individuals with health complaints and disabilities. Thus, I intend in my research to explore how an including working life and work-related interventions can contribute to social equity and better health through work participation.

Irene Larsen Øyeflaten


Health & Social Sciences

Research themes

Work, Health, and Inclusion

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Worklife and Inclusion

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