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Uncertainty analysis metering stations

Uncertainty analysis metering stations

NORCE provides 3rd party uncertainty analysis of fiscal metering systems and climate gas emission monitoring systems, based on theoretical as well as practical in-depth instrument technology knowledge and expertise within instrument uncertainty analysis.

The NORCE 3rd party uncertainty evaluation program includes

  • fiscal metering station surveys
  • flare gas metering system surveys
  • climate gas emission metering system surveys
  • water pollution metering system surveys
  • PVT sensitivity of multiphase meters

The in-depth 3rd party surveys combine all aspects of NORCEs expertise related to instrumentation:

  • Sensor element uncertainty and limitations versus flow medium properties
  • Flow line installation effects
  • Signal handling limitations and uncertainty aspects
  • Flow computing algorithms
  • Calibration systems (prover loops and reference meters)

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Uncertainty analysis metering stations




29.01.24 - 31.12.29



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