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Ranveig Nygaard Bjørk

Research Director Measurement Science

+47 913 35 305
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am research director in the Measurement Science group at NORCE. The group is internationally recognized within technology development, especially in the field of flow measurement. We were the innovative environment behind the first version of what is now TechnipFMC fiscal gas and oil meters, the first version of what is now the Fluenta flare gas meter, the first generation top side multiphase meters today available through Emerson Roxar and the technological development that led to the establishment of XSENS in 2013. Over many years, the group has developed several innovative technologies that have been widely adopted by industry. For example, we collaborated with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in 2018 to develop fibre-optic measurement technology for traffic monitoring.

We are also an international competence center that delivers expert services within flow measurement, allocation measurement, system modelling, simulation of measurement systems, measurement of CO2 emissions and environmental monitoring. Based on theoretical as well as practical in-depth knowledge of instrumentation and expertise in uncertainty analysis we deliver third-party uncertainty evaluations and recommendations for cost-effective measurement systems to customers both nationally and internationally.

My scientific background is within instrumentation, digital signal processing and optimization with a PhD from NTNU and I have more than 15 years of experience within fiscal measurement, uncertainty analysis and multiphase measurement. Through over 15 years in the research group, I have participated in and led a number of projects involving expert services for industrial partners with a focus on research-based innovation. The role as research leader has also given me competence and experience in portfolio and personnel management.

I am proud to lead a research group that collaborates well and is characterized as knowledgeable, creative and innovative.


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