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Astrid Marie Skålvik

Senior Researcher

+47 473 74 162
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am a senior researcher in the Measurement Science group, and have specialized in uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of complex systems, analytical and numerical modeling and data analysis. My expertise includes monitoring of CO2 emissions, fiscal measurement systems (single-phase and multi-phase) and allocation systems. I have also worked with testing of electronic equipment, research and ISO certification for medical applications.

I like to present the exciting work we do in the Measurement Science Group at conferences and theme days. I hold courses in uncertainty propagation through measurement systems, and also guest lectures for students.

In the period 2022-2025, I have a 75% position as a research fellow at SFI Smart Ocean, where I try out different methods to make ocean observations more reliable using automatic tests for quality control.

Astrid Marie Skålvik


Energy & Technology

Research themes

Climate emission to air
Fiscal metering
CO2 emission monitoring
Multiphase Flow Measurement

Research Groups

Measurement Science

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