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Marie Bueie Holstad

Marie Bueie Holstad

Chief Scientist

+47 920 54 529
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Chief Scientist in the group Measurement Science at NORCE Technology, working on measurement technology and process monitoring in general, but with a particular focus on flow, quality and flow assurance related measurements. As Chief Scientist, Holstad is responsible for generation, execution, and management of projects in addition to ensuring scientific quality. Through 15 years in the research group, she has managed, and been involved in the management of, several competence building projects and innovation projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, a wide range of industry projects, and also international innovation projects.

Currently, Holstad is also the acting Centre Director for SFI Smart Ocean on behalf of the University of Bergen who is hosting SFI Smart Ocean where NORCE is a research partner.

Since 2007 she has also been heavily involved in R&D project portfolio and personnel management, covering a wide range of technologies and application areas. Sciences covered by the project portfolios and groups she has managed, have included acoustics, fiber optics, electromagnetics, measurement uncertainty and system evaluations, general measurement science, and underwater communication and network technologies. Application areas have covered amongst others oil and gas, monitoring of CO2 injection and storage, geothermal systems, traffic monitoring and underwater data collection.

Holstad holds a Dr. Scient. degree in physics from the University of Bergen. Her core competence is on nucleonic measurement instrumentation, more specifically on the use of gamma rays for monitoring of various industrial processes.

Starting with already with her Cand. Scient. thesis, she has focused on industry relevant research and innovation throughout her career. 3,5 years in the vendor industry, and memberships in the OG21 Technology Group 4 (Production, processing and transport) work group, the GCE Ocean Technology focus group for R&D and innovation, the board of the Underwater Technology Foundation and the Underwater Technology Conference program committee have also provided valuable insight to industry R&D challenges and priorities. The industrial focus has resulted in a range of confidential project reports, and two patents.

Marie Bueie Holstad


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Source: Rune Rolvsjord, NORCE


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