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Kjetil Folgerø

Chief Scientist

+47 971 73 548
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Chief Scientist within Measurement Science, with core competence in electromagnetic measurement technologies, flow measurement and uncertainty analysis of complex measurement systems.

Folgerø has a Dr.Scient (Ph.D.) degree in Physics from the University of Bergen. The PhD project involved design and development of permittivity sensors for petroleum fluids, which is still an active research area. From 1996 to 2009 he worked in the research and technology department in Nera with development of microwave technology for telecommunication applications. Since 2009 he has been with the measurement science group in NORCE Technology, working with research tasks related to flow measurement, sensor development, and uncertainty analysis. Particular research fields of interests are dielectric spectroscopy, design of robust sensors using modelling and simulations, and measurement challenges related to multiphase transport.

Folgerø has a strong focus on industrial applications, and he has worked closely with start-up companies to develop new technologies, and with well-established companies to improve their existing technologies and develop new measurement concepts. He also provides expert services within analysis of measurement and allocation systems, in particular related to oil- and gas.

Folgerø is coordinating NORCE national and international work on measurement challenges related to custody transfer and fiscal metering of hydrogen.

Kjetil Folgerø


Energy & Technology

Research themes

Fluid characterisation
Multiphase Flow Measurement

Research Groups

Measurement Science

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