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Multiphase Flow Measurement

Multiphase Flow Measurement

Significant knowledge and industrial experience on measurement of multiphase flow

NORCE's competence within multiphase flow metering includes development of multiphase meter technology, evaluation of uncertainty in allocation situations, training, and development of handbooks.

Since NORCE (former CMR) developed a first-generation multiphase meter in the 80’s, we have carried out a range of projects related to multiphase flow metering. We work closely together with customers and research partners to develop new multiphase flow sensors and meters. NORCE's Multiphase Flow Loop facility is an important tool for our own research and is also available for our external customers. We do 3rd party evaluation of measurement stations, including uncertainty analysis for field ownership allocation and studies on the effect of changes in fluid parameters on the MPFM performance. In addition to research and technology development, we also provide courses on multiphase metering for industrial participants and work closely with NFOGM (Norwegian society for oil and gas measurement), e.g. with development of handbooks such as the "Handbook of Multiphase Flow Metering".

NORCE is also working with Equinor on a novel multiphase fluid analyzer concept that provide accurate fluid data input to multiphase flow meters, and thereby improve their performance and reliability.

The broad range of projects has allowed us to develop significant knowledge and industrial experience on measurement of multiphase flow, as well as research challenges and technology gaps.

Kjetil Folgerø

Measurement Science Chief Scientist - Bergen


+47 971 73 548

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