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Energy systems

Energy systems

We develop zero-emission energy solutions

At NORCE, our centres of excellence in energy and technology take an interdisciplinary approach to work on energy systems. Nationally and internationally, we are developing the zero-emission energy solutions of the future for buildings, industries, neighbourhoods and regions.

An example of this is thermal energy storage, with both short-term storage of cold for cooling using phase change material (PCM) and utilising ambient heat and waste heat when storing heat in wells and groundwater.

Please contact us if you would like to cooperate with us. We are happy to contribute with our expertise and competence in zero-emission energy solutions.

Kirsti Midttømme

Modelling and Simulation Chief Scientist - Bergen


+47 416 07 478

At NORCE, we have expertise in

  • simulations of energy systems
  • design of specific and integrated energy solutions
  • instrumentation and monitoring of energy systems
  • life cycle assessments of energy systems (LCA analyses)
  • the use of artificial intelligence in energy systems

In addition to working with energy system solutions as a whole, NORCE is also working on solutions related to specific energy sources such as geothermal, solar, wind and hydrogen.

We are also working on energy storage technologies and energy use.

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