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Geothermal Energy Association of Norway GEAN

Geothermal Energy Association of Norway GEAN

The Norwegian network for geothermal energy research was established in 2009 under the name Center for Geothermal Energy Research (CGER). In the summer of 2023, CGER changed its name to the Geothermal Energy Association of Norway (GEAN). The association, with 17 partners from across the country, is hosted by NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS. The partners come from the business sector, designing, developing, and operating geothermal heating systems, as well as from academia, gathering knowledge and sharing lessons learned. Technological research projects continue as before in the university and institute sector, in close collaboration with the industry.

GEAN is an association that brings together industry and academia to share best practices in the development and operation of geothermal heating systems and to understand the role of geothermal energy in the Norwegian energy system. The network assists each other by creating good projects, strengthening national collaboration in research and technology development, and promoting the use of this renewable energy source.

The partners of the center cover a range of areas within the field, such as resource mapping and geological surveys, drilling technology, environmental impacts, reservoir engineering, process technology, energy conversion, and system modeling. We have several open network meetings where we share this knowledge.

Geothermal energy is about harvesting thermal energy from the ground and using it as a source for heating and cooling purposes. This allows for the release of large amounts of electrical energy for other purposes in the decarbonization of Norway. By harnessing heat from the ground, the avoided use of electrical energy will create greater value in other parts of the national economy. Furthermore, geothermal heating systems can be used to store energy between seasons, reducing the need during peak hours. This will protect the owner of the geothermal heating system from price fluctuations and reduce society's need for over-investments in renewable power production and transmission lines.

Geoenergy is space-efficient, and the areas can be used for multiple purposes simultaneously - that is why it is the least conflicted of all energy forms.

Several partners in GEAN are also working on developing improved drilling technologies that enable electricity production from deep and hot sources. If the cost reduction continues, these technologies could generate marketable electrical energy even in today's margin-driven system. This also depends on how alternative electrical energy sources are priced since the natural and social costs of these conflicted energies will eventually be taken into account.

We are facing a massive deployment of geothermal heating in our decade. Our partners are ready!

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Geothermal Energy Association of Norway GEAN




01.01.23 - 15.06.26

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NORCE, Rototec, GTML, Thre360Energy, Odfjell Technology, SLB, Equinor, Greenstat, SINTEF, GCE Node, Universitetet i Bergen, IFE, Universitetet i Stavanger, NORCE, WellID, NORSAR, Huisman