Center for Modeling Social Systems

Center for Modeling Social Systems

Conceptual and computational models for analyzing and predicting psychological and societal change

An Artificially Intelligent Society

The Center for Modeling Social Systems has four NORCE researchers working out of the Kristiansand offices and a large network of national and international collaborators.

Our team has special expertise in social simulation using agent-based modeling, especially multi-agent artificial intelligence modeling, but also has expertise in other types of modeling and statistical analysis.

Our passion is applying these cutting-edge tools to address complex societal challenges such as cultural conflict, secularization, immigrant integration, human migrations, climate, polarization, misinformation, radicalization of attitudes, innovation diffusion, food systems, sustainable transport, school-to-work transitions, and policy evaluation.

F. LeRon Shults

Research Professor - Kristiansand

+47 56 10 76 62

Meet the Team
Roger Normann

Chief Scientist - Kristiansand

+47 480 10 540

Ivan Puga Gonzalez

Senior Researcher - Kristiansand

+47 939 40 232

Ernesto Carrella

Senior Reseacher - Kristiansand
+47 56 10 76 64

Patrycja Antosz

Head of CMSS Centre for Modeling Social Systems - Kristiansand
+47 56 10 76 23

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Simulating secular societies