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Analytics for asset Integrity Management of Windfarms (AIMWind)

Analytics for asset Integrity Management of Windfarms (AIMWind)

, Photo: Nicholas Doherty through Unsplach.com, Nicholas doherty p ON Bh Dy O Fo M unsplash, ,

Photo: Nicholas Doherty through Unsplach.com

About 65 GW of onshore wind turbine installations in Europe will reach end-of-design-life by 2028. It is time for the operators to decide on one of the three end-of-life scenarios, namely, decommissioning, lifetime extension, or repowering. The last two options will increase the operating life and thus reduce lifecycle costs. These end-of-life decisions require careful consideration of the accumulated fatigue life of each turbine in a wind farm to minimize monetary risk for the wind farm operators. Today, this decision is primarily based on a single point assessment by the certification authority.

AIMWind proposes a continuous evaluation of wind farm health based on big data analytics using multimodal data such as wind, operational data, weather, condition monitoring, and inspection logs across a wind farm. Conventional approaches to fatigue estimation are slow and inadequate to achieve these goals, especially in large wind farms. Such a continuous health assessment will facilitate not only accurate life predictions but also continuous improvement of wind turbine operations to ensure long life and high availability.

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Analytics for asset Integrity Management of Windfarms (AIMWind)




01.01.21 - 29.12.23



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Research Council of Norway (RCN)


Universitetet i Agder

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Kjell Gunnar Robbersmyr
Christian Walter Peter Omlin
van Khang Huynh


Universitetet i Agder, NORCE
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