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Jeremy Cook

Senior Researcher

+47 908 75 828
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am project developer and senior researcher at NORCE Technology with a background in all things related to data science. I began working at Christian Michelsen Institute in 1985 to work on visualization and other computing projects whilst finishing my PhD, later I moved to UNIFOB / UNI Research working on several projects mailnly related to High Performance Computing. I joined Christian Michelsen Research in 2013 as senior project developer and continue with that role with NORCE, after the merger of several large Norwegian research institutes. I have also had several positions relating to software development and research at both small and large companies in the US and Norway.

I am currently focused on data analysis and multivariate visualization and have several ongoing activities streaming and visualizing real-time remote sensor data.

I follow developments in home automation and have deployed a home grown automation system for controlling heating and reducing energy use at home.

I am also a qualified drone pilot and carry out flights where necessary for the projects that I am working on.

Jeremy Cook


Energy & Technology

Research themes

Big Data
Digital Systems
Artificial intelligence
Decision support systems
Machine learning

Research Groups

Digital Systems

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The One Ocean Expedition: Science and Sailing for the Ocean We Want – Havforskningsinstituttet 2023
Autonomous Surface and Underwater Vehicles as Effective Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Platforms in the Arctic - The Glider Project – Sensors 2021
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Implementation of a SAR processing algorithm on MasPar MP-1208 – [Mangler utgivernavn] 1991
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