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Many years of experience in electromagnetic (EM) technologies

NORCE has long experience in electromagnetic (EM) technologies for frequencies ranging from sub-Hz to above 40 GHz. Our main focus is on measurement science and technology. This involves research on the interaction between sensors and processes, as well as development of complete measurement systems.

We also provide 3rd party evaluation and analysis of EM related problems.

NORCE's main competencies within electromagnetics are related to electromagnetic modelling and simulation, flow measurement, fluid characterization, sensor design and analysis, dielectric spectroscopy, wireless communication, microwave engineering, and electronics design.

When considering new project challenges, we combine our EM expertise with the use of advanced simulation tools and experimental work to solve the challenge. We work closely with our customers to develop prototypes based on their ideas and to optimize their existing products.

In addition, we have a long tradition in doing research on novel measurement solutions together with the Department of Physics and Technology and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bergen.

Another key area is electromagnetic fields in metallurgical applications, among others single and 3-phase electrode furnaces, induction furnaces and MHD

Kjetil Folgerø

Measurement Science Chief Scientist - Bergen


+47 971 73 548