Fluid characterisation

Sist oppdatert: Feb 21, 2020

NORCE has extensive experience in developing measurement methods and equipment for measurement of fluid properties. Application areas range from petroleum fluids to aquaculture and environmental monitoring.

NORCE has developed a large variety of methods for characterizing single- as well as multiphase fluids, in particular based on acoustic, electromagnetic, gamma-ray, and optical sensors. Example of fluid parameters that can be characterized are density and permittivity of crude oils, caloric value of hydrocarbon gas, water salinity and salt composition, water content in mixtures, and dissolved carbon dioxide in water.

NORCE are also working together with Equinor on a novel multiphase fluid analyzer concept for on-line characterization of the individual phases present in subsea multiphase hydrocarbon flow.

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NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop

The NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop facility is a three-phase closed flow loop where oil, gas, and water is circulated. NORCE as well as external companies use the flow loop for R&D and third party tests of flow instruments.

NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop