Fionn Iversen

Fionn Iversen

Chief Scientist
Phone: +47 51 87 56 22
Mobile: +47 416 69 423
Office Address: Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Fionn Iversen works as a chief scientist in the drilling and well modelling group of NORCE Energy division, with responsibilities within strategic initiatives, project development and management and international cooperation.

Iversen holds the equivalent to MSc in mathematics and physics has a PhD in materials technology from NTNU. He has experience in well control studies and planning of drilling operations, process modelling and software development, system development, and digitization and automation of the drilling process. Key recent work topics have been drilling fluids and drilling fluid processing, wellbore transport, mathematical learning methods and uncertainty, sensor development and international collaboration in education. Iversen worked as teaching assistant during his PhD studies and has lectured on multiphase flow at the University of Stavanger in recent years.

Iversen has had a central role in development of automation technology for drilling, through project development, patenting, project management and further serving as TCO an CEO in commercialization. This development has also taken into account human factors, through a close collaboration with technology end users. Iversen has a long membership SPE and has also supported the IADC, serving on several committees and interest groups, including the SPE drilling advisory committee. Iversen took part in the founding of SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section served for a period as Associate Editor of the SPE Drilling and Completion Journal.

Fionn Iversen has a strong belief in close collaboration between academia, research and industry to achieve a sustainable societal development, where NORCE as a research institute can play a central role as facilitator, driver and technology provider.