Digital drilling

Sist oppdatert: Feb 19, 2020

The OG21 National Technology Strategy for the Petroleum Industry expresses digitalization and automation as key areas for Norwegian petroleum R&D and competence, with cost-efficient realization of NCS resources as a prioritized need. Our researchers have for more than a decade worked on developing computer model-based decision support and automation systems, with proven benefits for the cost-efficiency of the drilling process. To accelerate uptake of this technology there is now a need for a stronger focus on digitalization, which will enable smoother integration and application of real-time model-based systems in the field, accounting for the inherent uncertainty and coupled risk that lies in drilling process control.

With Digital Drilling as a target area, NORCE works towards providing streamlined solutions for tomorrow’s drilling process planning, decision support and drilling control automation. NORCE’s facilities are of vital importance in the development and testing of new digital drilling technologies: Open Lab and Ullrigg.