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Context-Based Real-Time OT-IT Systems Integrity Management

Context-Based Real-Time OT-IT Systems Integrity Management

CORESIM aims at developing decision support to aid in selecting the best possible response to a cyber-attack on a Cyber Physical System (CPS) with respect to cost and process integrity. The focus is on petroleum CPS and power grid (including power from shore) CPS, but the results are expected to be applicable to other CPS domains.Motivation behind the project is to prevent physical damage to equipment as was the case in the Stuxnet attack where several hundred centrifuges in a nuclear enrichment facility were severely damaged, and to prevent disruption to the process which was the case in the Ukrainian power grid attack in 2015 where more than 225,000 subscribers lost power.

The objectives of the project is to (1) build knowledge and methodologies for integrating dynamic process-aware cybersecurity monitoring, detection and response into a framework to protect cyber physical systems (CPS) as part of critical infrastructure protection, and (2) form a basis for automated decision support and mediating action advisory for integrity of cyber physical systems (CPS) and operational process.

Expected results:- Reusable models of Cyber Physical System for Petroleum and Power Grid.- Framework for modelling process state characterization and its context to enable the detection of process misbehavior.?- Capabilities to identify and classify cyber-attacks so to understand the potential consequence and cause (why the attack is possible).- Reusable models to classify cyber-attacks to enable efficient incident management.- Decision support models that understand the Cyber Physical System and its process for determining best possible response to a cyber-attack


Fionn Iversen

Chief Scientist - Bergen

+47 51 87 56 22
+47 416 69 423

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Context-Based Real-Time OT-IT Systems Integrity Management




01.07.23 - 30.09.26



Total budget

15.626.000 NOK

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Research Council of Norway (RCN)



Project members

Sokratis Katsikas
Bjørn Axel Gran
Vasileios Gkioulos
Siv Hilde Houmb


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