Robust optimal low-energy solutions for energy-efficient operation of energy-intensive buildings with time-varying heating and cooling needs

With TEK17, Norway has some of the worlds strictest energy requirements for new buildings. Unfortunately, verification shows a typical deviation of 30-40% or more between designed and real-time energy consumption in buildings. This deviation has increased as the requirements in technical regulations have become stricter. The project objective is to reduce the difference between simulations and real energy use. The project partners estimate that a potential of 10-20% energy and power reduction related to heating and cooling of buildings is possible to achieve in the operational mode. The project aims to develop new and improved services related to robust design of energy systems in buildings. This will be done by combining robust design methodology, suitable instrumentation and solutions for optimizing the operational phase. Optimal solutions will be identified based on uncertainty analysis. Reduction of power peaks will be achieved through a focus on dimensioning and configuration of e.g. thermal storage solutions, heat pumps, and design temperatures. In addition, a further reduction in power and energy consumption will be realized through the use of different types of solutions for short- and long-term storage of thermal energy. The innovation will have an impact both domestic and abroad as there is a great need for this type of service in these market segments. In the first phase of this project, a methodology will be established for the design of robust energy systems in buildings. In the first phase of the project, a methodology has been developed for the design of robust energy systems in buildings. This includes identification of relevant design parameters with associated variables. Beta version of simulation model has been completed. The results in this phase will make it possible to assess how different design parameters affect the power and energy use in buildings with associated energy systems.