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ARICA - A multi-directional analysis of refugee/IDP camp areas based on HR/VHR satellite data

ARICA - A multi-directional analysis of refugee/IDP camp areas based on HR/VHR satellite data

, Foto: Jörg Haarpaintner, 20221019 112309, ,

Foto: Jörg Haarpaintner

Both natural and humanitarian catastrophes result in massive displacement of the affected population. The problem of the continuous increase of refugees/internally displaced persons (IDPs) worldwide raises a great interest among the stakeholders and decision-makers in emergency response of the European Union, United Nations and Non-Governmental relief organisations. The main drivers of the investigation of the proposed project are the environmental considerations, particularly the mutual influence between the environment and the camp inhabitants (exposure to the natural hazards included). The multidirectional analysis of High and Very High Resolution (HR/VHR) satellite data can address several relevant issues. We will analyze specifically time-series of two types of camps; (1) Still active camps and (2) Former camp sites that have already been destroyed and abandoned.

The influence of the camps on the surrounding landscapes reflect indirectly the social aspects of the given area. The spatial analysis of the camps and their surroundings will be complemented in a limited set of areas by in-depth interviews including the position of people working and/or living in a given area. The main goal of the social research is to identify the most important factor of the camp inhabitants activity which are the drivers behind the environmental changes. The interdisciplinary analysis will result in a recommendation and best practices for refugee/IDP camp areas management and satellite monitoring system concept design. The project outcomes will be published on the developed “Online Geo-platform” including both the geospatial information and informative reports and additional descriptive data, in order to raise public awareness of the environmental changes taking place in the camp areas, their impact on the camp population and their causality, including the humanitarian assistance provided to the camps’ inhabitants on their way to self-reliance.



ARICA - A multi-directional analysis of refugee/IDP camp areas based on HR/VHR satellite data




01.09.20 - 30.04.24

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5.634.000 NOK

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The EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation


Centrum Badań Kosmicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk (CBK PAN)



Centrum Badań Kosmicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk (CBK PAN); Centre of Migration Research - University of Warsaw, UNEP/GRID Warsaw Centre

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