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Gas hydrate monitoring technology

Gas hydrate monitoring technology

Long multiphase transport distances and development of deepwater reservoirs call for flow assurance technologies that expand the current operational envelope into the hydrate regime. Operators and research groups are developing better risk assessment tools that enable operation with lower thermodynamic safety margins and less use of chemicals without risk for hydrate plugging. However, there is currently a lack of metering technologies that can monitor the multiphase transport and provide early warning of hydrate formation and deposition. In this project, the aim is to develop a sensor system that detects and characterizes hydrate formation and deposition by measuring and analyzing the permittivity spectrum of the multiphase flow. The sensor system has been adapted to hydrate monitoring in multiphase flow by CMR (/NORCE) in close cooperation with Equinor in projects funded by Norwegian Deepwater Programme, and verified in high pressure flow loop studies with support from DeepStar and Chevron. The sensor system is based on previous work at CMR (/NORCE) and associated PhD and MSc projects.

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Gas hydrate monitoring technology




01.01.10 - 31.12.20

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Kjetil Haukalid