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Geosteering for Improved Oil Recovery

Geosteering for Improved Oil Recovery

, Foto: Morten Bendiksen, Geosteering game, ,

Foto: Morten Bendiksen

Finding the best spots to drill for oil and gas underground is crucial for effective extraction. Geosteering is a technique of adjusting the drilling direction based on new geological information obtained during the drilling process. Accurate geological models of the area around the planned well are essential for optimal directional drilling decisions. These models must be fine-tuned with real-time data and include any uncertainties or unknown factors.

Workflows developed in "Geosteering for IOR" aim to improve geosteering by continuously updating our geological models with data collected during drilling, including advanced electromagnetic measurements. During the project, we developed a Decision Support System (DSS) prototype that updates these models and provides drilling recommendations. This tool is beneficial in complex drilling situations with multiple targets. In a synthetic scenario of a geosteering competition, this system has shown to be highly effective, outperforming 95% of human experts.

The project also focused on refining this method. We improved the processing of realistic electromagnetic measurements, developed more adaptable geological models, and enhanced the overall decision-making process. We have created advanced machine-learning models that quickly interpret these measurements and adjust for real-time updates. These models can handle complex geological conditions, like those encountered in the Barents Sea, using techniques similar to those in "deep fake" technology. However, there are challenges due to the inaccuracies of the machine-learning models. We have also introduced a new approach that combines advanced ensemble methods with deep-learning models to address them. The new techniques achieve high-quality geological predictions and quantify uncertainties in real-time, helping to make better-informed decisions during drilling.

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Geosteering for Improved Oil Recovery




01.01.17 - 31.12.21



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22.450.000 NOK

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Vår Energi, Equinor, Aker BP



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Erich Suter
Malte Sommer
Universitetet i Bergen


NORCE, Universitetet i Bergen