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GAMUT – Music Therapy

GAMUT – Music Therapy

The Relationships Between Music and Health

GAMUT’s researchers investigate the professional use of music therapy as a treatment used within the primary and specialist health care services.

GAMUT’s approach is interdisciplinary, and our research culture supports RCTs and meta-analyses particularly well. Projects also include use of mixed methods.

Via POLYFON knowledge cluster for music therapy, the centre builds partnerships with a range of health care and welfare services in the region within psychiatric ward, child welfare, correctional services, neurorehabilitation and education.

GAMUT recruits excellent researchers from around the world and works in the international front-line of the area.

Viggo Krüger

GAMUT – Music Therapy Research Director GAMUT - Bergen


Multiple Perspectives in Interdisciplinary Contexts

The research group is part of the The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre (GAMUT), a twin centre regulated by an agreement of collaboration between the University of Bergen and the institute NORCE Norwegian Research Centre.

GAMUT is the publisher of two prominent international music therapy journals: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy and Voices

Meet the Team

Christian Gold

Research Professor - Bergen
+47 56 10 72 32
+47 975 01 757

Harald Lexander

Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 76 59

Jörg Assmus

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 72 06

Lucja Bieleninik

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 72 13

Marianna Ruiz Loria

Research Fellow - Bergen
+47 56 10 73 13

Monika Geretsegger

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 72 30
+47 469 28 297

Johannes Melhus Medlien

Research Assistant - Bergen
+47 56 10 73 21

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